دنیائے انٹرنیٹ پر پہلی اردو نستعلیق کی خوبصورتی والی سائیٹ پر خوش آمدید بند کریں


The 3rd Vision is basically a tendency of thinking, where a human can understand the whole phenomena rather than a single part. According to history and psychology, it is clearly measured that humankind has been making blunders due to misunderstanding. Since cave life humankind has been killing its own race. The barbarian ogres had not killed as comparison with human itself, in shape of wars on religions, occupations for possessions. It is also observed that our languages are butchered and bled of meaning. How do we understand "The Real Why in different whys"?

Today when freedom means occupation, when democracy means neo-liberal capitalism, when reform means repression, when words like "empowerment" and "peacekeeping" make your blood run cold - why, then, "Power of Understanding" could mean whatever we want it to mean. Here we look everybody is seemed a "Righty" or "Leftie". From Imperialism to now so-called democracy, we all have been observing that security measures are taken to save possessions, kingdoms and countries.

When we think about security, it means that invader or enemy will be scared to death, he'll not trespass the boundaries or he will care about his own self.What about when a human becomes a bomb, and Boeing Airplanes become missiles, when a human ties dynamite to his chest and pushes the button in the masses. Then how will security measures work?

Isn't it meant that day by day we are loosing our honor in the race of other nations? We are not living in the age of stone, but in cyber. Where communication seems  at light speed, and in our universities students are taught International Relations. But on the other hand interrelations man to man are totally crippled. TV channels spread only rumors in which the beneficiaries are only business icons.

From the Magna Carta to UNO, the travel of human peace and prosperity is on the bet.

The reason of the 1st World War was not the greed of country heads, but the failure of the Magna Carta. And the same chain resembles with the "League of Nations". The actual function of the LON was damaged and it produced the 2nd World War. And the war delivered a kid named UNO.

Today everybody can observe that the UN seems like the Cherry Amour of one country, and that is the USA. Simply we can say that the UN is only preparing for the security of the US, instead of all nations.

And this anarchy is a result of Misunderstanding. The greatest and most heinous disease of humankind since its consciousness. The 3rd Vision is purely a mediators tendency of thinking, in which the scope is more than words can say and is larger than our expectations. There is no hate but the appeal of thinking and feeling the pain of humanity. In The 3rd Vision there is no word of sympathy but only "Empathy".

The 3rd Vision works on boosting the awareness, which is totally held hostage by the finger counting greedy leaders. It accepts all notions and tries to make a new way, where the real why stands in the quarrel.



From Old Testament to Quran in the Middle East and The Gita, Ramaen, Vedas in the Far East and South Asia, all are preaching the message of peace, love and harmony. No heavenly book has suggested to kill the throat. The irony is that it is the very opposite. A total opposite against that message. Here some examples are given, for better understanding:

1.               According to the Old Testament, wealth interest is clearly forbidden and in the 10 Commandments Moses ordered not to go out from morals, but sadly the whole economy of the world is totally captured by Jews.

2.               As per the New Testament Jesus breaks the rules of monarchy and clearly ordered to His disciples that only one Ruler is here and that is God. But today Christians make governments, becoming rulers. The past wars between Roman Catholic Churches are witness to how they have slaughtered the Protestants in 19th century. They killed Christians with barbaric methods after the crucifixion  of Jesus. And it is also wondered that after the crucifixion where other close disciples were fled? There were only Mary and Magdalene who brought him down from the cross and buried him in the cave. The whole New Testament is filled with curses to Judas who betrayed Jesus. But now in 1985 AD "The Gospel of Judas" has unveiled the secret of Jesus himself who ordered him for betray. This Gospel of Judas is well witness of the 3rd Vision.

3.               In Islam, there is the only religion that is not followed with its preacher, i.e: Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) but the name of Peace. Islam is an Arabic word which means "The whole Peace". All Muslims are not called "Mohammadian" but Muslims, which means peacekeeper. Not like others as Christians belong with Christ, Buddhists belongs with Buddha, Jews belongs with Jew etc, but by their Motto, means peace. But had anyone noticed that symbol of Muslim is a "Sword"! A sword? A weapon? Isn't it against the real essence of the Islam? Today the whole countries are scared from so called "Jihadists", who are threat to the whole of humanity!

4.               In Hinduism, every book like Vedas, Gita or Ramaen are claiming that Wealth or material possession is "Maya" which means illusion. There is no worth in it. But how so great an irony that every Hindu is busying in collection of Money, they have forgotten their own principles. Mostly Hindus go to their temples and make some bells sounds but they mostly are aloof the names of Krishna's seven messages.

So that The 3rd Vision is well seemed in every holy book of all religions, but only in papers. Mostly the followers have slaughtered the real message of their Messengers or Prophets. But the paces of the Vision are among every religion, but due to misunderstandings they don't follow.



In the above noted main reasons the misunderstanding toward the whole institutes of human betterment are now seemed totally collapsed. That's why the wars in every region are happening. Every nation is bored from its state. The state of chaos born in every individual. Today according to a WHO survey 95% of humankind is in grip of psychological diseases. Every evening drug store proprietors can witness how much they are selling sleeping pills every day! Nobody sleeps well, without taking drugs. We so-called Humans are now the slaves of some mischievous persons. They who don't care about other humankind.

The major budget of every country goes to its defensive funding, rather than for the betterment of their citizens, in their health, education, their social security! That's why the loss of human labor and dignity goes to the watch dogging. And the irony is that who is enemy? The neighbour country? So-called domesticated pet like militia groups? The moral of a human is worthless now. They animally parade the market of Globalization as it sucks the blood of the poorer nations, on the shoulders of the panoramic Media! The human today is identified by its wealth instead of virtue! NASA explores the galaxies and Scientists are recruited in War Laboratories for inventing new types of Arms, missilesand trackers! Today the cancer, HIV, TB, etc are a great threat to humans but in the race of money saving no pharmaceutical company really makes effort to reduce the rate of the diseases.

In Pakistan according to the UNICEF report of deadly diarrhea, the disease kills more than 0.268 Million children under five every year. People are dying in the streets without any cause, but in the battle of Religious Militia groups with State.

And the reason is only one: that here nobody wants to understand the pain or grief of other human. Can we say that we have reached Mars but not even touched the heart of another human!



Basically this vision is derived from the Third Eye, which means that inner wisdom. The power of understanding. Usually Wisdom comes in it. Some extend The 3rd Vision is circling on Spiritualism cum Materialism, the path and eternal destination. When Heraclitus (540?-480? BC), the Greek philosopher, who believed that fire is the primordial source of matter and that the entire world is in a constant state of change. He was born in Ephesus, an ancient Greek city in Asia Minor, in what is now Turkey. Because of the loneliness of his life and the obscurity and misanthropy of his philosophy, he is also called the dark philosopher or weeping philosopher.

Heraclitus was in a sense one of the founders of Greek metaphysics, although his ideas stem from those of the Ionian school of Greek philosophy. Then from time to time this vision flourished in philosophical symposiums. But after Jesus, this vision started its primary spiritual shape but it was also vague between material and metaphysics. They emphasized on only spiritualism and taken material needs and instincts minor. There was also a reason that at their age there was not over populated globally and Multi-National trade was comprised only on basic needs.

After Islamic era, as Muslims greedy caliphs conquered the other lands as Spain, India, North Asia etc they slaughtered total spiritualism in their rules. Especially in the dynasties of Banu Umayyad & Banu Abbasid, they killed and targeted spiritual saints who were spreading the message of peace and harmony. There was Ibn Khaldun, full name Abu Zayd Abd-Ar-Rahman Ibn Khaldun (1332-1406), the greatest of the medieval Islamic historians. Born on May 27, 1332, in Tunis (now in Tunisia), of a Spanish-Arab family, Ibn Khaldun held court positions in what are today Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco, and in Granada, Spain, and was twice imprisoned. In 1375 he went into seclusion near modern Frenda, Algeria, taking four years to compose his monumental Muqaddamah, the introductory volume to his Kitab al-Ibar (Universal History). In 1382, on pilgrimage to Mecca, he was offered a chair at the famous Islamic university of Al Azhar by the sultan of Cairo, who also appointed him judge (Qadi) of the Maliki rite of Islam. In 1400 he accompanied the sultan's successor to Damascus in an expedition to resist the invasion of the Turkic ruler Tamerlane. Ibn Khaldun spent several weeks as Tamerlane's honored guest before returning to Cairo, where he died on March 17, 1406.

Societies, he believed, are held together by the power of social cohesiveness, which can be augmented by the unifying force of religion. Social change and the rise and fall of societies follow laws that can be empirically discovered and that reflect climate and economic activity as well as other realities. His famous book Akhbar-Ahya is giving some glimpses about The 3rd Vision.

Then after Osho Rajneesh (1931-1990), controversial spiritual teacher from India, whose sannyasins (followers) include thousands of Americans, Europeans, and Asians. His philosophy blends Western and Eastern traditions, with special emphasis on Zen Buddhism. Important themes include meditation, putting aside the self and personal desires, and integrating the material and the spiritual aspects of life.