دنیائے انٹرنیٹ پر پہلی اردو نستعلیق کی خوبصورتی والی سائیٹ پر خوش آمدید بند کریں

Some couple of months ago I was invited by an international development agency to deliver a lecture in Islamabad.  The niche of lecture was on tolerance and harmony among in society. During the Q&A session a participant asked with a tone of dearth that “Are you Ahmedi?” unconsciously I’d replied yea I am Ahmedi.

For a moment a pin drop silence happened in the auditorium and suddenly a friend of mine handled the situation and questioned to me: “Don’t you believe to Hazrat Mohammad (SAW) as last prophet?” I felt that something i going on like itching situation to them. I replied: “Yes I do firm believe that, but may I ask that isn’t first name of our Prophet as “Ahmed”? If yes then surely I am follower of Him and with this regard I am Ahmedi too? What’s wrong in it?

Anyway the session was ended with some exclamation marks, and I returned back to hotel and sighed up on our tendency of thinking.

Some weeks later a newspaper had reported that in the point of Sindh University Hyderabad some students made a quarrel and in the result on the next day that quarrel became a tiny “World War” in university where five students were reported seriously injured. The latest news which I have got from a professor of the university that one student is seriously transferred to Agha Khan University Karachi for further treatment. Amazing is the quarrel was on to sit behind a girl in the university bus.

And it is the report of day before yesterday in newspaper that a sub inspector of police had beaten a poor waiter of a hotel, where he had asked for payment of food which inspector along with his two fellows had eaten. The waiter was not admitted in hospital due to one fracture in his elbow but directly in lock up of police station. Later on due to some social activists the waiter was carried to hospital in medico legal ward with bulk of watch dogs.

And if you may see around over in your areas then surely you have been observing same sorts of stupid acts where on little matters you’d observe the nude behaviors by so called  white collared people.

Here I want to show you the transparent notions of some groups who are called as ‘Taliban’ in KPK and in west Punjab. Who are executing citizens in front of heavy mob, they torture women and finally execute them even these women are pregnant! They think that they are the sole responsible for cleanliness from evil to this society. They do believe that God had sent them to this ‘shit earth’ for the proper guidance of mankind, and soon or later they will migrate with the help of handmade bombs to the heaven where pretty and sensual angels are waiting for them.

And we, who even imagine about them are feeling awkward nausea and show the rowdy feelings to others that these barbarians are bi product of USA or by some sensitive institutions of the Israel or else.

Everybody knows that what they are doing and what are their isms. But honestly have we taken a little bother to see our own belly that what we are doing in spite of others!

Have we observed the “Shock and Awe Policy” of Uncle Sam since the disintegration of USSR? He feels the ultimate way of development for the whole mankind is democracy, and which sort of democracy he wants? Only his own fabricated and variable with well-tuned calibration democracy. No matter people are happy in their own country, no matter that people don’t want to be slave, but Uncle Sam is seemed a rowdy professor of the world and with the cause, he gets help from drone to disasters and invade on any country at any time without any consent.

Do you have noticed to the anchors, reviewers, and so called futurists of our private TV channels who are enforcing their rotten theories on whole viewers. They are telling us indirectly that they are came from heavens of wisdom and only they are our peers and what they are doing in the air-conditioned studios, nothing more but like referee in fabricated WWF wrestling game.

Take a look to the poets, intellectuals and story writers of our society. They can see all poetry of the world, they can read in seconds the whole literature of the libraries, but they are crippled to see their own behaviors! Have you noticed that how they peel off other poets, intellectuals with references of old fashioned poetry and write ups and show to the society that only they are the most competent poets or writers after Ghalib, Faiz, Shohab or Qurat-ul-Ain Hyder!

If you take a, eye on our own dos and don’ts in our domestic life then honestly speaking have you checked our behaviors with our spouse and children? If they demand anything, how much we roar on them, and if the lion’s trick can’t work then surely shouting with slaps happens.

From the cockcrowing to the closing eyes on our beds, what we are doing, and how we are enforcing our rotten ideologies on others, if we may replace our names instead of ours then we will curse and shit our faces even.

Have you observed that progressivism is anti-ideology of fundamentalism; but one time comes when this so called progressivism become same fundamentalism again! When it becomes rigid, when it makes inflexible notions!

We; who always put finger on the barbarian’s culture, always have forgotten that we are from same ‘stupid’ environment, nothing from other planet but from same.

We had made our own meanings of diction. Where ever we use them just only to protect ourselves, we are time to time changing these acronyms and synonyms but only sake of our own profits and deeds. If I’d asked for a while that following the Prophet Mohammad (SAW) if I may call myself Ahmedi because of his first name then why make our trademarked terms to any community? If they are happy with their own beliefs then why we are feeling threat to our own belief?

If someone is happy in his country or nation then why we are enforcing our thoughts and living standards on them like Uncle Sam does!

How much the colors of poetry are beautiful, and the different styles in their own stylistics soothes our feelings! Who cares but a poet of ‘Ghazals’ says leave the other readymade poets, all are wrong, all are stupid, just listen his own poetry, which is more than Ghalib’s Faiz’s etc! But who cares for it?

If you feel that digging out the filth and hide the ‘Real Whys” of social evils and after that you are saying that this is freedom of speech and consciousness, then leave us alone with slaved consciousness. We are better to be mute, instead of barking the lies. But our electronic media claims that they are our captains of social voyage, and without them we will drown in the deep down in insanity! If this is true, then it’s ok! Do whatever you want to do, who cares?

And after all if we claiming yet that we are progressives, we are well aware about what happens in the world and what should we do? Keeping the names of our so called isms like new brands of perfumes and bottles if we feel that only are capable to handle all worst situations of the society and country then may I ask one question that honestly what is difference between ourselves and ‘Taliban’?