دنیائے انٹرنیٹ پر پہلی اردو نستعلیق کی خوبصورتی والی سائیٹ پر خوش آمدید بند کریں

Background: This chapter is Shah Latif's very enlighten chapter where he's praised the God and teach us that you may look deep inside you. There is nothing outside but your innermost. We are misguided by quacks, who have misguided us and because of their un approach theories we could not find our own wisdom, which is gifted to us by God. In every verse you will find the eternal wisdom.

Basically Yaman Kalyan is kind of Eastern Raga. It is very similar to Raag Yaman, except for its rare use of shuddh ma (natural fourth). Shuddh (Important) Ma should be played very, very rarely in a composition, but when it is glossed over in a phrase, or used as an alternate to a similar phrase, a short, slight tension is create that is quickly dispelled as the song moves on, but create a sense of beauty in its calculated imperfection.

Yaman Kalyan Musical Notes:

If we assume Sa = C, and translate Indian classical Music notation to a western major C scale, as such:

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Da Ni SA


These are the primary notes in Raag Yaman Kalyan:

Sa Re Ga Ma Ma' Pa Da Ni SA

C D E F F # G A B C

However, playing ascending and descending modes within the raag presents different rules. While ascending, lower Sa and Pa should not be played, and shuddh ma as a grace note is generally not played while ascending. But while descending, these notes are okay to hit. So ascending and descending modes look like this:

ni Re Ga Ma' Da Ni SA

B D E F# A B C

SA Ni Da Pa Ma' Ga Ma Ga Re Sa

C B A G F# E F E D C

Raga Source: nikhiltrivedi.com





Thou art the friend; the healer thou;

For every pain the remedy--

Cure for my heart, thy voice alone

the only cure it is for me......

The reason why I call for thee

is none can cure my heart but thou.


Thou art the friend, the Healer thou

for every ailment balm dost send;

Merciful God--all drugs are vain;

the pains by drugs will never end;

Unless ordered by thee O friend,

no drug will ever sickness cure.


Thou art the friend, the Healer thou;

for sufferings thou the remedy;

Thou divest; curtest disease, dost guide,

master thou art eternally--

Yet, I am wonderstruck to see

that you physicians still provide.


Strike friend-- thy hand raise, favor me--

hold not your hand, and should I die

By such death I shall honored be

which through this wound is caused.




Today still groans the thatches fill,

where wounded lie and suffer;

Although it is their twilight, still

same ointment there and dressing


Poor wounded ones, so restless grow,

yet grateful are for pain;

For ever forward wish to go

and here would not remain.



Mother, I cannot trust in those

whose eyes with tears do over-flow-

Who bring the water to their eyes,

their sorrow to the world to show;

Who love Beloved, hide their woe,

no tears they show, nor speak about-


Physician, blundering and unwise,

you cauterize my skin, and treat

With slops my heart-ache, know to whom

scaffold a bridal-bed supplies,

The one beatific vision lies

in death, which is the union sweet.


Physicians you consulted but

dieting you ignored...

Had you obeyed, perhaps restored

to health you would be now.


Physicians were my neighbours

I ne'er asked their advice-

Therefore I find that in mine eyes

cataracts I now have formed.





Ah! suddenly they found themselves

in sphere of love...and there

They cut their heads, left trunks apart

such garland they did wear!

Beauteous they were...to loved ones fair

I saw them give their heads away!


Go to the moth, the surest way

of immolation ask-

The moths, who throw themselves into

the fire every day;

Whose tender hearts became a prey

to cupid's arrow sharp.



The moths assembled, gathering

above a raging fire...

Heat drove them not, no fear they had,

flames did their hearts inspire -

Their necks they lost, and on the pyre

of truth they burnt themselves.


If you call yourself a moth,

from blaze return not terrified;

Enter by the loved-one's light

and be ever glorified

You are still unbaked...beside

not yet with kiln acquainted are.


If you call yourself a moth,

then come, put out the fires sway,

Passion has so many baked

but you roast passion's 'Self' today-

Passion's flame with knowledge slay...

of this to base folk give no hint.


Happy those who acquaintance make

with goodly grinding wheel

Their rapiers never then shall take

to rust, nor will corrode.


Apprentice of the blacksmith, works

the bellows not with care;

Not close to fire goes, he fears

love sparks that issue there.

And yet proclaims he every where;

"full-fledged blacksmith am I"!


Turn your head into an anvil,

then for smithy do enquire,

There the hammer-strokes of fire

may turn you into steel.-



When I an arrow do receive

on that spot I remain;

Perhaps my Hero-love again

will strike in mercy sweet.


Physician give no medicine.

may health I never see...

May be, enquiring after me

my love to me will come.


Sacrifice your head, and 'suffer'

if loved-ones send dismay...

Say not, 'Forsaken' 't is their way

like this to form their links


Those that cut me up, became

the kindly surgeon too-

The wound they quickly dressed, and cured

within a day the same

Oh heart! and now make this your aim

"stay with them, and be safe from wounds"


As long there is no need, so long

physician is not here...

But when one day pain does appear

it is as though the leech had come!





They read and read, but what they read

their hearts refuse to store-

The more they pages turn, the more

are deeply steeped in sin.


O friend, why are you still inclined

to waste paper and ink-

Go rather forth and try to find

the source where words were formed.



The world with 'I' doth overflow

and with it flaunts about-

But its own 'Self' it doth not know...

't is a magician's spell.


They do not heed the glorious line

that does begin with 'A'-

In vain they look for the Divine,

though page on page they turn.


You only read the letter 'A'-

all other pages put aside-

Book-reading nothing will convey-

but your being purify.


Unuttered is unknown...the uttered

is never understood....behold,

Although it be as true as gold,

humanity takes never note.-





By 'giving' they were hurt,-'not giving'

to them contentment brought-

So they became Sufis, as nougat

they did take with themselves.


To hear vile words, and not return,

but hear them silently;

This is the pearl, most precious pearl,

we in guide's teaching see-

But decked with jewels he will be

who with 'Silence' the Ego kills.


Those who never forgot the sorrow,

and lesson learnt of woe-

The slate of thought within both hands;

'silence' they study so-

They only read page which does show

Beloved's lovely face.


Patience, humanity adopt,

For anger is disease-

Forbearance bringeth joy and 'peace',

if you would understand.


The inoffensive don't offend

forget who do offend-

In this refined and cultured way

thy day and night do spend

Thus meditating, humbly walk,

until thy life doth end-

A Lawyer keep within, O friend,

to blush not, facing judge.


As long as of this daily world

no glimpses you obtain-

A perfect view you will not gain

of your love Heavenly.


True lovers never will forget

their love Divine, until one day

Their final breath will pass away

as tearful sigh.



Cupid; A representation of the god Cupid as a symbol of love in painting or sculpture

Ne'er; Never

A; Alphabet of all languages starts with "A" Sound, i,e; Alph. Alpha, A etc. Here Shah Latif says that origination is our destiny. Be with it. Secondly "A" letter is important in religions, because Allah. Aishwar, Ail, Ailyah Ailahi have initial letter that "A".