دنیائے انٹرنیٹ پر پہلی اردو نستعلیق کی خوبصورتی والی سائیٹ پر خوش آمدید بند کریں

BudhaPain is prophet and its Miracle is Awareness.
When Buddha returned from the caves of chaos to heaven of humans, then His wife had asked Him three questions. And it was greatest irony for all Buddhists that Buddha had not given her proper answers and she was disappointed more than words can say. May be my readers can get conflict with my point but I believe and know that the wife of Buddha had found the actual wisdom in compare to Himself. Buddha had found the truth from His pain, by killing His own Ego and he had got rid off all his desires. But he could not leave one "desire" and that desire was " Leave and put off all desires". But that was also a desire. And finally he came back. He had got exile from exile-hood. He negated all negates.

He started his journey from zero degree and arrived at 360 degree, and found at there same zero. His traveling was zero to zero. There was not any degree named 360. It was a circle of enlightenment. In other meaning he had explored innocence-hood from complexity. Although at the start he was innocent too. The innocence-hood of unknowingness. After returned he guessed that I had got nothing…but the wisdom of unknowingness. Where he was already before in his hermit. Then what was that? What is this? In compulsion he has had told that": Nothing, here and there is nothing…. But a pain an endless pain".

However his wife had found that eternal truth on the first night when she felt herself alone, without her husband. She saw her son… and felt that pain. I believe that her pain was so stronger than Buddha's was. the isolation of her beloved husband made her dead day-by-day. No one could reach her feelings. When she heard that her husband sleeps under the open sky and on the bed of dry leaves , she started doing the same. She heard that her beloved has left eating, she left too. Even history witnesses that she had kept fast as long as her life allowed her. She had left all desires and amazing was that, there was no any desire in her heart for leaving all things, for exiling or so and so. But only for her love , she felt pain, though her husband had desire, as I said earlier. But when he came back to all… not to his home, she went to him carrying his and her son and politely asked to him three questions:"

Buddha! What had you won and achieved? Tell me what were your feelings , when you had achieved your enlightenment? And finally at right now what is in your hands, which you want to give your son… because your son wanted too?" There had been no answer at Buddha for first two questions however, for giving his son he offered his "Empty Bowl” the bowl of beggars. It was another thing that her wife had refused to accept and smiled at her beloved husband. That smile was like elders' smile on their children's' mistakes. Right at that time it was great irony that hundreds of fresh disciples were joining his group but, his wife had returned from him and gossiped with herself:" Nothing , he is nothing." Meanwhile Buddha was preaching to all that:" Here and there is Nothing, but a pain. Get rid off all desires, and be aware."

I don't know how many of his disciples were awarded and still how much number of monks are able to know his philosophy. But one thing is clear that his wife had found that truth with out any labour, without any so-called desire. She had found awareness from her pain. The pain of isolation the pain of un-meaning goal. At the end of Buddha's life he was a river but his wife became an ocean. The cool and sedate! The reason is, why she had sealed her lips, why she didn't preached? The prophet of awareness came to her and disclosed all His awareness. In which she learned that": Be Mute!"